With the PlasmaCAM™ software, you can scan hand-drawn artwork or use computer files like clipart and cut them with your cnc plasma cutter easily.

Leaves Being Cut with Plasma
The PlasmaCAM system can automatically cut
full 4x8 and 4x10 sheets through indexing.

The software automatically performs raster to vector conversion, cleans and smoothes the images, and prepares them to be cut on the machine. It's easy to scale the images to any size, and you can cut as many copies as you want.

You can cut a design as is, incorporate it into a larger, custom design, or just use part of the design. It's easy to add custom lettering using any True-Type font.

Custom Coffee Table
In only 17 minutes, this 36” x 28” horse and buggy art scene was scanned from hand-drawn art work and prepared for cutting by our cnc machine software. The scene was then cut out from 10 gauge steel in 11 minutes.

Custom Weathervane

Framed Miner Metal on Wood Art

PlasmaCAM makes the complicated seem simple!

Unlike conventional CNC machines, PlasmaCAM DHC2™ is a complete, integrated cutting system! Traditional programming and processing steps have been eliminated and replaced with a graphic interface, where you work directly with the images you want to cut!



Cut intricate metal art like this!
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Design Sink Silver Clock Metal Calvery Gate Plasma Cutter Cutting Circles Circles Lamp
Roping Table Kissing Gate White Truck Rack Large Roping Table Hen Keyrack
Custom Frame Buffalo Keyrack Floor Lamp Boot Switch Plate Custom Coatrack
Cowboy Head Cutter in Action Steer Keyrack Train Table Custom Picture Frame
Fish Switchplate Custom Frames Sun Moon Design Table Lamp Deer Keyrack
Custom Fishing Scene Fishing Table Custom Trash Basket Garden Table Flower Wagon
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Bending Tools
Shop Outfitters
Shop Outfitters has a book full of great project ideas and design techniques. Shop Outfitters also makes various metal working tools for ornamental iron such as benders, rollers, picket twisters, scroll benders and more.


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