How can you sell such a high-performance system for such a low price?

There are two reasons. First, when you buy a PlasmaCAM system, you buy wholesale. Traditionally, CNC machines have always been built by system integrators. These companies purchase motors, controls, software, etc. from several other companies, assemble the components together, and sell the machine at a markup. It's easy money for the system integrator. (Distributors may also be involved which means more markup.)

Since the system integrator doesn't have control over the design process of the components, they typically aren't specialized for the application and don't usually work together efficiently. This makes such machines very cumbersome to use and hard to learn. In most cases the machine doesn't even include adequate software.

By contrast, our complete system was designed solely by PlasmaCAM, solely for plasma cutting. The motors, controls and software were engineered from the ground up, just for this machine. This means that no middlemen are involved in the components. It also means that the system is specialized for plasma cutting, very efficient to use, and easy to learn.

The second reason is economies of scale. The PlasmaCAM system is manufactured on a scale never seen before in this industry. The efficiency of our manufacturing process minimizes the unit cost and helps us maintain great pricing. Our vast customer base also means you are buying a well-tested and perfected machine that will be supported in the long-run.


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