Does PlasmaCAM have dealers or offer dealerships?

We don't sell through dealers in North America because we sell the machine directly. Dealers would need added markup, making the price you pay much higher. Also, dealers probably couldn't support the machine as well as we can. Our staff specializes in this machine and is readily available to help you if you need help. Even if your local dealer bought a machine and kept it on display, you'd find that our demo video gives you a much more thorough demonstration of the machine than you could get there. You can also schedule a visit to our Colorado facility if you want to see a machine in person.

If you're a dealer checking into this product, there are other incentives for promoting it to your customers - without getting involved in the order processing and support side. There are many opportunities to sell plasma cutters and consumables. We often sell through dealers outside of North America, particularly where language barriers exist. In such places, dealers are uniquely positioned to provide better demonstrations, training, support, and product availability. Please contact us for help if you are interested in buying a machine or becoming a dealer overseas.


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