What's so unique about this machine?

PlasmaCAM is the best-selling CNC plasma cutting machine in the world. As you will see from our demo video, there is no other system with similar capabilities. Because of the number of machines we manufacture, we are able to provide you with the best possible quality and service for the price.

The PlasmaCAM DesignEdge™ software and control system is the most unique part of the system. With this visual, interactive technology PlasmaCAM has brought a whole new level of fabrication capabilities to everyday metalworkers who would have otherwise struggled with traditional, complex CNC programming.

Our quality control and commitment to customer support are unprecedented. Examples include free software updates, a 3-year limited warranty and free technical support, and readily available replacement parts.

PlasmaCAM is continually working on new technology to better assist our customers. We also develop new art packages on a regular basis to help our customers with metal art businesses make more money. Our designs are all protected by copyrights, patents and trademarks which we rigorously defend.


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