Torch Height Control Cutting
Cutting Tread Plate

PlasmaCAM's™ popular CNC machine comes standard
with state-of-the-art Torch Height Control or Digital Height
Control™ and sports many other dramatic
improvements over the original model.

Why Digital Height Control™ is Essential

  • DHC2™ achieves high quality plasma cuts by controlling the height of the torch with arc voltage feedback. The cutting tip hovers a precise distance above the metal, moving up and down to follow variations in the sheet.
  • Because DHC2™ maintains a gap between the cutting tip and the material, tip hangup is avoided. In addition, DHC2™ raises and lowers the torch between cuts to avoid obstacles.
  • At the start of each cut, DHC2™ waits until plasma cutting is detected before beginning motion (instead of just waiting for a set time delay). DHC2™ also stops motion if plasma cutting unexpectedly terminates. This means more consistent, automated cutting.
  • DHC2's™ careful control of the torch height greatly extends cutting tip life.
  • All DHC2™ functions are integrated and controlled by the PlasmaCAM™ software – providing automated operation that is easy to adjust.
CNC plasma cutting perferated metal
Plasma cutter cutting over a cut
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