PlasmaCAM CNC Software Specifications

The PlasmaCAM software is one complete Windows 95/98 program that allows you to draw and edit designs, import designs from other sources, convert designs into cut paths, and control the PlasmaCAM cutting table.

"It's extremely easy to use." - Maurice Lavoie, Pemberton Valley

Our customers love our software because it's so easy to use. The program is very simple yet it gets the job done quickly.

PlasmaCAM CNC Software
The program consists of a large window that displays the design image while you work on it or cut it with the machine. Both the edge of the cutting area and the current position of the torch are also displayed in this window - allowing you to easily place parts exactly where you want to cut them on the table.

(In the example shown, the deer is placed near the lower left corner of the cutting area, and the torch is currently positioned just above the deer's back.)

The program has a simple menu at the top of the window. This menu contains about 50 different commands that each do something to the drawing you are working on. For example, the Scale command will change the size of a part to whatever size you want to make it.

Shown next to the commonly used commands on the menu is a letter code that you can type to activate the command. This allows you to work extremely fast once you learn the commands. For example, you can simply press the "s" key to scale a part, instead of pulling "Scale" off the menu.

Note that every software command available is listed on the menu in plain English, so you are not required to memorize the meanings of any secret key combinations or icon buttons to use this program.
(In the example the Edit menu is opened; this is the longest menu.)

Here's what the Software Commands Do:
Note that some of these commands are commonly used while others are rarely used. Just skip past any description that doesn't sound like it applies to your needs. To best understand our software, watch it in action as shown in our demo video.

File Transfers

Note: If you want to design and build HVAC ducting with the PlasmaCAM system, you can purchase design and layout software from Design2FAB and transfer ducting profiles to PlasmaCAM in DXF or HPGL/2 format.

Click here to see Design2FAB's web site


Basic Editing

Advanced Editing & Cleanup
These capabilities are invaluable to plasma cutting, yet they are not found in other software. Watch our demonstration video to see just how helpful these features are.

Machine Control
What makes the PlasmaCAM software so impressive is the fact that it interacts with the machine in real time. Therefore, the same program that displays the drawing on screen also controls the machine and knows where it is. This visual interactivity between the design software and the cutting table makes it so much easier to lay out and cut parts.

Visual Aids