PlasmaCAM, Inc.
5112 Graneros Rd (Shipping)
PO Box 19818 (Mailing)
Colorado City , CO 81019
(719) 676-2700

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PlasmaCAM Building

PlasmaCAM, Inc. CNC Plasma Cutting - Company Information

Located in Colorado, PlasmaCAM, Inc. specializes in making this one CNC plasma cutting machine. We focus all of our resources to give you the best possible product. We engineered our entire system (cutting table, automation electronics and software) from the ground up, purely for plasma cutting.

Design of the revolutionary PlasmaCAM™ cutting system began in 1994. It quickly became the world's best selling automated plasma cutting machine. The new Model DHC2™ – enhanced through years of intense development, redesign and testing – was released in May, 2007.

CNC Plasma Cutters
Each PlasmaCAM™ machine passes rigorous
testing and inspection before it ships.

Plasma Cutting Control Panel Plasma Control Carriage Washers
Cutting Drive Shafts Crate Stack of Plasma Machines Grate Slats Gantry End Plates

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