New DHC2 Table

  • Unique torch/tool holder.
  • 3 year limited warranty and free technical support.
  • Wide plasma torch compatibility.

Customer Reviews

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Larry, Steel & MFG

Yes I did have some motor trouble BUT, Plasmacam bent over backwards helping me get it going plus never cost me a penny.

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Bill, Welding and Fabrication

The machine makes me look good. Parts look like I cut them out with a giant cookie cutter.

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Jim, Metal

Never a glitch (that wasnt caused by me) with my DHC2. Incredibly nice machine for the money! Actually paid for itself in the first two months I had it running..and that was almost two years ago.

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Sonny, Art Design

Tech Support is great and helped me out a lot.

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Marty, Welding Company

I was amazed that the machine fit together so perfectly.

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